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Designer tools

On this page, we have compiled the designer tools provided by our suppliers to facilitate the design, dimensioning and life calculation of components and component assemblies. Some programs are browser-based, but some need to be downloaded and installed on your computer’s hard drive. The programs are compatible with PC / Windows / OS operating environments. In case of problems, you can contact our staff and we will be happy to help you.

Chains & Accessories

Renold Chain Selector – Excellent software for chain and sprocket wheel sizing and selection. The program does not require a login and works with a browser.

Belts & Accessories

CONTI® Professional Design Software – Excellent software for dimensioning V, multi-groove and toothed belts and pulleys. The program works with a browser and requires a login.

Lubrication Systems

Perma Select Software v. 5.1 – The software helps to select the right greaser for the right application and to maintain a database of used greasers for preventive maintenance. The renewed program works with a browser.

PC compatible

International Contact Network

We are members of the Association of Finnish Technical Traders and EPTDA (European Power Transmission Distributors Association).

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