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You can get high-quality Ross Controls compressed air valves from us. Ross Controls (USA) is the world’s oldest manufacturer of pneumatic valves, as the company’s factory was established as early as 1921. The parent company has assembly plants on all continents. Ross products delivered to Finland are manufactured by the German Ross Europa GMBH.

Ross Controls compressed air valves

Ross manufactures pneumatic valves and systems for very demanding applications, such as the steel industry and the glass and automotive industries (Welding Robots).

Special expertise includes Serpar double valves (registered trademark for press use) and pipe-mounted poppet valves up to 2½ pipe sizes (paper and wood processing industry). Ross Safety valves have also received worldwide acclaim.

Ross products are characterized by exceptionally long service life and maintenance-free (valves do not require oil lubrication). The factory warranty for the valves is up to 6 years. We also provide our customers with Ross-Flex customized total solutions.


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