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Continental V-belts transmit power through friction and are the right choice for applications where a simple, cost-effective and maintenance-free solution is sought.

V-belts can be divided into two main groups, which are surface-wrapped belts and raw-edge belts. In addition to this, our range also includes special V-belts such as group, double-sided, variator and back-folding V-belts. All the above-mentioned belt types are widely used in Finnish industry, and we are happy to help you choose the right belt. The solution can be found, whatever your needs are.

Wrapped V-belts

Narrow profile DIN7753

  • correspondingly widths e.g. (9.7, 12.7, 16.3, 22)

Classic DIN2215
(Z, A, B, C, D, E)

  • correspondingly widths e.g. (10, 13, 16,5, 22, 31.5, 38)

V-belts with raw edges

Narrow profile DIN7753

  • correspondingly widths (9.7, 12.7, 16.3, 22)

Classic DIN2215
(5, 6, 8, ZX, AX, BX, CX)

  • correspondingly widths e.g. (5, 6, 8, 10, 13, 16.5, 22)

Multi-grooved V-belts

Multi-groove V-belts are used in applications where the space used and the rotational speed delimit the conventional single-row V-belt. Multi-groove belts transmit force by friction, like raw edge belts.

However, as the name implies, multi-groove V-belts consist of several small adjacent wedge ridges and what is lost in width is overcome at the height of the belt. This allows the use of smaller diameter pulleys.

The most typical profiles for multi-groove belts are PJ, PK, PL and PM according to DIN 7867 and ISO 9982 sizes.

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