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Friction spring dampers

Tas Schäfer GmbH is a family business already in the third generation offering ready-made and high-quality solutions.

The company has its own product development, state-of-the-art machinery, a comprehensive product range, expert product support and a service attitude.

All products are made in Germany.

Friction spring

The main function of the friction spring is to dampen kinetic energy. The principle of operation is simple.

The friction spring consists of interlocking conical inner and outer rings. When an axial load is applied to the spring, the outer ring stretches and the inner ring compresses. This causes friction on the conical surfaces and the kinetic energy is thus converted into heat.

Friction spring dampers

TAS Schäfer manufactures friction spring elements and dampers made of them for industrial use. Application targets can be found e.g. from the steel industry, heavy mechanical engineering and anywhere where heavy moving loads need to be stopped in a controlled manner. There are 4 different models of silencers, and there are numerous size options for each.





The advantages of friction spring dampers include: effective damping in relation to its size, reliability, maintenance-free, overload-resistant construction, cold and hot resistance and cost efficiency.

The dampers are always delivered on an application-by-application basis, thus ensuring suitable damping power and safe operation.


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