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Gearmotors and gearboxes, Transtecno

Alu AC

Inline and bevel helical gear reducers, parallel shaft speed reducers, and worm gear boxes with AC motor.

The range is built in aluminium and covers torques up to 1000 Nm (8.800 lb-in).



Iron AC

The IRON range includes ITH inline speed reducers, ITB bevel helical gear reducers and ITS parallel shaft gear reducers.

The range is all built in ultra-strong cast iron, for torque levels up to 3500 Nm (31.000 lb-in).





Alu DC

The ALU DC range consists of DC gear motors. The EC electric motors with permanent magnets and the ND rare earth electric motors are coupled to CMG helical, CMB bevel helical or CM-CMM worm gear boxes.

The range is constructed of aluminium and provides the ideal configuration between gear reducer and motor for direct current applications.


Brushless DC gearmotors 24/36/48 V.

Brushless DC motors are coupled to CMB helical bevel, FT helical parallel, CM worm or P planetary gearboxes.

Alu BLDC Gearmotors range is the ideal configuration for DC applications that required reduced dimensions and high efficiency.





Small but strong gearmotors up to 90 Nm

A range that meets the needs regarding compactness and limited dimensions of many applications and sectors; IP66 AC and DC motors, IP55 BLDC motors, gearboxes. Small but strong gearmotors.




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