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Freewheel clutches, GMN

The freewheel allows the torque to be transmitted in the selected friction-locked direction of rotation.

The side that drives and is driven in the opposite direction rotates freely. The two modes of operation of the freewheel clutch are thus torque transmission and free rotation.

Kraftmek represents GMN freewheel switches that operate on the wedge principle (excl. VS and VSNU). The principle allows for small external dimensions and thus a small space requirement in relation to the torque transfer capacity. Standard size classes for 2-150mm shafts.

Freewheel switches can be used as follows:

1. Index switch

  • the reciprocating motion is converted to a periodic rotational motion

2. Bypass switch

  • the freewheel clutch disengages when the operated side rotates faster than the drive side

3. Reversing switch

  • rotation is only allowed in the other direction. It rotates normally freely, and when operation is stopped the switch prevents reversing

Watch a video on how it works:

Freewheel clutch elements FE

The element consists of:

  • from the cage frame
  • wedge pieces, the number of which depends on the diameter of the shaft
  • a spring that holds the wedge pieces in place

Freewheel clutch elements are not self-centering, and require bearing to work. The elements are rust-proof but not lubricated.

Freewheel clutch element with inner and outer circumference - FR and FN

Freewheel clutch units FP, FPD, FN, FND

  • include freewheel clutch element, inner and outer rings, bearing support and is double sealed and filled with lubricating oil as needed for the life of the clutch. Shaft sizes 10 – 60 mm.

Ball bearing freewheel clutch units FK

  • combination of ball bearing and freewheel clutch. Main dimensions with standard (DIN 625, series 62 row2) bearing dimensions.
  • also available in RS-sealed and grease-lubricated and wedge-grooved versions with the same dimensions
  • precise indexing and high torque transfer capacity.

Reversing switch RA 400

  • Based on FND freewheel clutch unit
  • Wedge groove with the perimeter and torque support

V-roller freewheel clutch VS, VSNU

  • Requires bearing
  • For 8-80mm shaft dimensions

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