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Flexible couplings, CENTA

CENTA has been solving its customers’ transmission and torsional vibration problems since 1970.

Numerous innovations in the industry, a comprehensive product range and its global distribution network make CENTA a leading manufacturer in the industry. Solutions can be found for applications in industry, the sea, railways and power plants.

See application examples:


More than half a million installed CENTA switches have proven their durability and reliability in tougher conditions in the world’s seas. This success story continues. Whether it is a speedboat, luxury boat or a larger ship, the solution is CENTA.


CENTA offers a solution for all industrial switching needs. See the link for application examples and more detailed product information.


CENTA is a pioneer in the wind power industry with more than 25 years of experience. Flexible product development and a wide range of ready-made solutions prove that CENTA is the right choice as a transmission partner in the wind power industry.

Rail traffic

When delivery reliability and dependability in all conditions are combined with longevity and comfort, the solution is CENTA.

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