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Elastomeric couplings

Rexnord Viva and Omega


Omega - universal model, suitable for almost all applications


Omega HSU - especially for hot, humid or acidic conditions


Viva - for high load applications

All three, the Omega, Omega HSU and Viva, are basically designed for applications where the axles to be connected to each other are relatively close to each other. These items include fans, vacuum cleaners, screw compressors, roller conveyors and small conveyors. In areas where the distance has to be increased, for example in centrifugal pump applications, an extended model can also be chosen as an option.

The splice is integrated into the elastomer element, which allows the use of the same poles. There are a total of 30 models in total and they cover the scale up to 38400Nm.


Omega consists of four parts, is easy and quick to install thanks to the split elastomer halves and is completely maintenance-free.

For the hubs, it is possible to choose either a pre-drilled, cylindrical shaft or conical sleeve drilled model. The splitting halves allow the clutch to be installed / disassembled in the blink of an eye, eliminate the need to remove the poles, and the flexible element also allows even large axial deviations. HD element also available.

Omega HSU

Omega HSU has similar properties to Omega, but the elastomeric material differs from Omega’s polyurethane. HSU material is more resistant to hot, humid and acidic conditions.

In addition to these, the lifespan of the material is double that of Omega.


The Viva Heavy Duty model is for higher torques and possible overload situations. Compared to Omega, the Viva has stronger bolts and a reinforced, V-grooved elastomer element for impact-like loads.

Made to meet ISO and ANSI standards for switches.

Key features of the Omega, Omega HSU and Viva models:


Simple but versatile structure


Easy and fast to install and disassemble


Allows large axial deviations


Maintenance free, requires no lubrication


Suitable for almost all applications


Affordable and fast availability

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