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Special chains


Special solutions include roller chains whose material, coating, lubrication or structure differ from the ISO606 or ANSI B29.100 roller chain made of conventional steel. We rely on Renold’s very comprehensive range of specialty chains.

High performance chain


Renold Synergy

Synergy is the big brother of the Bluebox roller chain, with a lifespan equivalent to that of the three standard roller chains. A high lifespan is achieved through a combination of several working methods. In the manufacture of the chain, several additional mechanical work steps have been utilized, which have achieved an even more precise fit between the various parts. In addition to these, Synergy also utilizes friction-reducing coatings as well as surface and heat treatments.

Maintenance-free corrosion-resistant chain


Renold Syno NP

Syno is ideal for applications where lubrication is difficult or not allowed for other reasons. Specially coated pins and rollers, together with nickel-plated side plates, guarantee freedom of maintenance. Syno is suitable for use at -20 ° C to 150 ° C and also complies with FDA and USDA H1 food handling legislation.

Corrosion resistant chains


Renold Hydro-Service

Renold’s specially coated chain combines the advantages of many different types of chains into one product. These are the corrosion resistance of the nickel-plated chain, the suitability of the stainless chain for the food industry and the durable structure of the A&S chain. Hydro-Service’s special coating, unlike electrochemically treated chains, does not weaken the structure of the steel chain. The zinc in the coating prevents rusting and ensures mechanical wear resistance. Other binders and additives help reduce friction and the chain can be used in humid conditions without separate lubrication. 

Corrosion resistant chains


Renold stainless steel chain

A chain made of high-grade stainless steel is the right choice for applications where the chain is in contact with or exposed to acidic, alkaline, food, water or temperatures of -40 ° C to 400 ° C. Renold’s stainless chain meets strict food industry FDA and USDA H1 regulations for lubrication.

Corrosion resistant chains


Renold galvanized chain

Each component of the galvanized chain is surface treated before stacking. The zinc used meets the requirements of current environmental legislation and also replaces yellow and blue passivated chains. The corrosion resistance of the chain has been tested using the demanding weather cabinet test according to DIN50021. Based on this, Renold is able to guarantee the chain 250 hours of corrosion resistance.

Corrosion resistant chains


Renold nickel-plated chain

The nickel-plated chain is available in sizes 06B1-32B1 and in accordance with the ANSI standard, respectively. The corrosion resistance of the chain has been tested using the demanding weather cabinet test according to DIN50021. Based on this, Renold is able to guarantee the chain 400 hours of corrosion resistance.

Wear-resistant chain


Renold Sovereign

All parts of the Sovereign chain are through-hardened and are well suited for applications where the chain is exposed to rock dust or other similar particles. The through-hardened chain also works in applications where higher than normal movement speeds are required. The wear resistance of Sovereign, and thus its service life, corresponds to the service life of the three standard roller chains.

Replacement and wear chains


M1, M2, K1, K2

Renold’s replacement chains can be used in many different ways for either transmission or transportation. The lugs, of which M1, M2 and K1, K2 are the most commonly used, allow the attachment of various attachments. In addition to the above, Renold also offers options such as rubber piece chains, serrated chains, chains with straight side plates, conveyor roller chains, hollow pin chains, and chains with an extended pin.

Combinations of these and narrow, so-called Works standard chains as well as extended distribution chains are also available through us. We are proud of our know-how and are able to deliver all chains, regardless of size, also in fixed sizes.

Renold tooth chains for transmission

  • application-specific solutions
  • quiet and smooth running
  • long service life
  • lasts well e.g. in hot conditions

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