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Power transmission chains


RENOLD is a pioneer in the development of transmission chains. There are several different options and product families in the transmission chains.

With Renold Chain Selector, you can easily find the right chain for your application:

roller chains

Renold BLUE roller chains have excellent anti-fatigue properties, which give them up to 4 times longer life compared to other standard roller chains.


  • the best standard roller chain
  • soft annealed and round riveted pin heads
  • seamless roll and sleeve and raised side plate web
  • a cone sleeve end to achieve a larger bearing surface
  • developed to achieve maximum wear and fatigue resistance

Size: 4mm – 101.6mm
√ BS √ ANSI √ Simplex √ Duplex √ Triplex

power transmission chains

Renold A&S transmission chains are known for their high quality and reliability. Fatigue strength and load duration are the hallmarks of the A&S transmission chain.


  • excellent universal power transmission chain
  • affordable reliability
  • wide side plate waist
  • wedge-like riveting
  • seamless roller and sleeve

Size: 6.35mm – 63.5mm
√ BS √ ANSI √ Simplex √ Duplex √ Triplex

power transmission chains

Renold SD power transmission chains are an inexpensive alternative to standard power transmission chains for normal use.


  • a wide range of transmission chains in accordance with the European (BS) and ANSI standards
  • affordable price
  • consistent quality

Size: 6.35mm – 50.8mm
√ BS √ ANSI √ Simplex √ Duplex √ Triplex

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