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The Italian RE has been designing and manufacturing brakes and clutches for over 40 years.

Pneumatic brakes and clutches

Good performance, long service life, easy maintenance and consideration for the environment, e.g. using asbestos-free brake pads are known properties of RE.


The patented Extreme XT7 and XT10 are compact, efficient and precise brakes with a life of up to 7 years.


The modular CX is a solution to the braking needs of 0.75 to 4620 Nm. A suitable brake can be found in five different brake sizes and by selecting the number of brake calipers from 1 to 14 (depending on the model).

Brake Calipers, CX, CX Nano, SA

  • compact size
  • also as an emergency brake

Electromagnetic powder brakes and clutches

Precise RE powder brakes are suitable not only for printing machines but also for e.g. packaging machines.

Eleflex mini

For low braking torques and precise adjustment.


12 – 500 Nm
A heat evaporator or fan can be connected

Powder brake controller LEO and FP.25

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