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Bearing heaters

Conemount resistive cone heaters are a great choice when looking for an affordable and portable bearing heater for maintenance or initial installation needs.

Affordable and portable bearing heater

The Conemount resistive cone heater replaces inaccurate and harmful flaming as well as heavy induction heaters.

Due to its operating principle, unlike induction heaters, the cone heater weighs only 2.3 to 7.7 kilograms, depending on the model. In addition, the conical heater is flexible to use, as the conical shape allows the heating of different inner diameter bearings (10-460 mm) depending on the model without the familiar change of the rod of induction heaters. The conical shape also makes it possible to heat the cup bearings, as the resistive device does not require a bearing-through rod / excitation circuit.

Cone heaters are available in two main options with an operating voltage of 240 V to 50 Hz.

The first option is a heater, the heating temperature of which is monitored with a special color-coded pen. The tip of the pen melts on contact when the desired bearing temperature is reached.

Another option is a thermostatically controlled heater, the temperature setting of which can be selected. Thermostat control saves installer time. The LED on the appliance lights up when the correct temperature is reached.

Advantages of the Conemount cone heater:


Light, 2.3 to 7.5 kg


Inexpensive and effective


Fast, 1-2 min.


Does not magnetize


Easy to use


Precise temperature control (thermostatically controlled versions)




One year warranty

Conemount cone heaters also come with useful accessories such as a carrying case, pens and a safety net. The product can also be used in the field or anywhere where AC power is available.

For example, a 240V – 50Hz inverter / generator in a service car, forestry machine, asphalt machine or normal mains power in service facilities, on site or wherever the need is.

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