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Heat-resistant maintenance-free bearings,
Künemund GmbH

Graphite filled bearings for hot conditions

Künemund offers heat-resistant graphite-filled bearings for conditions where normal grease either boils or catches fire. There are a few different types of graphite fillings depending on each operating condition. Künemund bearings are not brand dependent but can be supplied in exactly the brand you want.

Ask us for a quote on special bearings. We select and dimension the bearing according to your conditions and requirements.

Compound bearings permanently lubricated with solid lubricant for demanding applications

High temperature T > 180 C °

  • Steel industry
  • Ceramics industry
  • Glass industry
  • Food industry
  • Aluminum industry

Low temperature T < -30 C °

  • Food industry
  • Freezers

    External Factors and Environmental Conditions

    • Vacuum, Vacuum drives (eg coating machines and equipment)
    • Centrifugal forces
    • Long standstill times

    Applications with strong chemical substances

    • Solvents and cleaning agents
    • Fuels (Diesel, Petrol)

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