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Bearings, UBC

Known for its top quality, UBC now guarantees quality also for a wide range of bearings.

UBC’s product range covers all standard bearings

UBC Precision Bearing Manufacturing CO., Ltd. is a family business founded in 1962, which at the end of 2016 passed into the ownership of the Japanese IKO. Known for its top quality, IKO now also guarantees quality for a wide range of bearings. A modern factory in China, in turn, guarantees cost efficiency.

UBC’s product range covers all the so-called standard bearing products. In addition, UBC also supplies special bearings, such as swivel rings. If you do not find a suitable one in the product range, ask about manufacturing of customized products.


UBC has been owned by the Japanese IKO Nippon Thompson since 2016


UBC utilizes the same quality materials as Western bearing manufacturers


UBC's range focuses on deep groove ball, spherical and cylindrical roller bearings and tapered roller bearings


In addition, other so-called standard types are available, including bearing units

Examples of UBC bearing product families, many more available!

Spherical roller bearing

Deep groove ball bearing

Tapered roller bearing

Cylindrical roller bearing

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